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This is my personal website. Back in the day it used to have content, but then people stopped reading personal websites and moved on to blogs. I converted it into a blog but had no time to update it. At the same time, people gave up reading blogs and now spend all their time posting personal information of no interest on social websites. :) With that in mind, I converted this page to become a simple placeholder of personal links and information.

Links and Things

My horribly out of date resume
This is my perpetually out-of-date resume in case you're interested in what I've been up to (or rather, what I had been up to when I last updated it).
My Google+ Page
This is where I also post personal information and opinions of no interest to others, just like the rest of the people on the Internettes.


Mojave Desert Adventures

I love desertic landscapes. Here you'll find some commented photologs of relatively recent visits to the Mojave Desert in Southern California.

Mojave Desert 2013

I managed to take a few days off and hit the desert again with some friends in Feb/2013. Since my available time was short, we decided to stay on what we considered the most enjoyable sites of 2010. Sadly, Mitchell Caverns has been closed to the public due to the California fund shortage and vandalism (way to go government and people of California, way to go...). So far, I only managed to process and upload the first two days of this trip.

Griswold Hills & New Idria

With only two days to spare, we took an RV and drove around Griswold Hills and New Idria, a ghost town in Central California. We then moved on to Pinnacles National Park (pictures not uploaded yet.)

Other albums of interest

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