Marco Paganini


A challenging position as a Technical Manager or Senior Systems Administrator in an environment requiring a diverse array of technical skills.


I've been working with computers since 1984. As a curious and open minded person, I'm naturally drawn to positions requiring a substantial knowledge and involvement with computers. My assignments so far included system and BIOS level programming, Systems Administration (HP-UX, Unix and Linux), network, and database administration (Oracle). My current position, as a Technical Manager for NDS Americas (a News Corp company), allows me to employ all these skills to solve complex problems in a realtime digital TV broadcasting and access-control system for Sky Latin America.

I have over 8 years of experience in Unix/Linux administration (HP-UX, SCO, ISC Unix and various flavours of Linux), as well as networking (TCP/IP, Cisco Routers, Switches and firewalls). I am very comfortable with Unix in general, and in particular with the Linux operating system, which I've been using as my desktop operating system for the last six years.

I'm also conversant with most technologies and protocols that make up the Internet, having offered consultancy services to Internet Service Providers between 1996 and 1999. At that time, I helped design, install, configure, secure, and manage most aspects of various ISPs, including Web Servers, Mail Servers, News Servers, DNS, Routers, Terminal Servers and Firewalls.

I'm proficient in many programming and markup languages, including C, ASMx86, Shell Scripting, Perl 5, Python and HTML. I authored two open source projects: "Angel", a simplistic Network Monitor written in Perl and "ASK", a challenge-response anti-spam solution written in Python, for which I wrote a paper published in the FREENIX track of the 2003 Annual Usenix Conference.

Work Experience

1999-Today - NDS Americas, Miami Lakes, FL
Technical Manager (2003-Today)
Applications Engineer (1999-2003)

The primary task in this role is to support the NDS Broadcasting and Conditional Access systems, to guarantee an uptime of over 99.5%, and minimize chances of service interruption.

The daily mix of tasks includes HP-UX system administration, Cisco router configuration (Frame Relay, load balancing, redundancy, routing protocols), WAN and LAN setup, administration and monitoring, Oracle and Informix support and Installation, Firewall monitoring and administration (Cisco PIX) and any other requirements to maintain the systems operating at their peak.

  • Responsible for the technical support to all Sky Latin America Platforms (Sky Brasil, Sky Mexico and Sky Multi-country).
  • Defined backup strategies and emergency recovery procedures for all clustered and standalone servers.
  • Creation of web-based systems (Perl/Javascript/Linux/Apache) to provide an easy to use interface to the broadcasting and conditional access databases (Oracle).
  • Monitoring of the applications and clustered servers using Nagios plus customized plugins and applications in Perl + SNMP.
  • Configuration and management of ServiceGuard under HP-UX and "heartbeat" under Linux.
  • Network performance management and analysis.
  • HP-UX and Linux performance analysis and optimization.
  • Oracle database performance analysis and optimization.
  • Creation of a large number of smaller support tools using Python and Perl.
  • Direct and full knowledge of the broadcasting system used by NDS/Sky, and all other systems related to it, including the Conditional Access and Broadcast systems, Tandberg and Harmonic multiplexors, encoders and Multiplex control computers.
1994-1999 - Brasif Duty Free, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sr Unix/Network Administrator
  • Administration of 28 Unix servers running Oracle 7, under HP-UX and SCO Unix.
  • Oracle database administration.
  • Design of the corporate LAN and WAN (Fast Ethernet, Cisco routers, Frame relay, X25, PPP and HDLC).
  • Design and setup of the corporate Internet Gateway (Server, Cisco router using ACLs, Proxy servers and firewall setup on the Linux server)
  • Definition of policies for users and network workstations (Win9X/NT).
  • Creation of a centralized and automatic backup control system for the Unix servers and databases, using Omni-Back II and the built in Unix commands where Omni-back was not available.
1991-1994 - Chocolate Com de Roupas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sr Systems Analyst
  • Interactive Unix support and Administration.
  • Point of Sale analysis and programming.
  • After 1994, (as a consultant): Netware and SCO Unix setup and administration.
1990-1991 - Casas Sendas Com. Ind, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Support Engineer
  • Responsible for all aspects involving data communications between the company headquarters and its units.
  • User access system, running on the workstations.
  • Analyst in charge of the "Remote Support" system, allowing remote control of workstations installed at the branch offices.
1986-1990 - Sector Informatica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Support Engineer
  • Pre and post sale technical support on x86 hardware and OSes.
  • Support for the QNX Multi-User/Multi-tasking real-time operating system.
  • Rewrote a BIOS from scratch, in assembly language, and many low-level drivers for QNX and MS/DOS, using Assembly language and "C".
  • Quality assurance program, written in C and assembly language.
Other experiences, as an independent consultant

  • ISM Networking (Internet Provider): Linux system installation, including all services necessary to the daily ISP operation (Sendmail, News-server, etc).
  • MTEC Networking (Internet Provider): HP-UX system setup, administration and upgrade. Installation of the usual suite of programs related to the Internet connectivity (Sendmail, News-Server, setup of the name-server, etc).
  • Montreal Internet Provider: HP-UX and Linux system administration. Major changes in the whole internet setup, including upgrades, router installation and projects related to system security and performance analysis.
  • Origin Consulting: Solved all sorts of communication problems between Origin and its ISP (Solaris x86, Cisco routers and internet routing protocol problems).
  • Virtual Internet Provider: Installation of some internet services and resolution of many WAN related problems.


Universidade Federal Fluminense - Niterói, RJ, Brazil
  • Bachelor in Business Degree (1993)
Other technical courses and certifications:
  • Oracle 7 Server Database Administration.
  • Xenix administration.
  • Netware administration.


  • Portuguese (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • Spanish (basics)


I've been working and living in the US since 1999, being fluent in the English Language and fully adapted to the local lifestyle and customs.